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Media Barred from Trial of Egyptian Press Syndicate Leaders

Egyptian president al-Sisi agreed to cede islands Tiran and Sanafir (pictured above) to Saudi Arabia in April. The decision has since been reversed by a high court. Map from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Thumbnail photography by Jeff Djevdet.

June 4, 2016—The Qasr el-Nil Court prohibited journalists from entering the trial of Press Syndicate head Yehia Qallash and senior board members Khaled al-Balshy and Gamal Abd al-Reheem.

Human Rights and Media Organizations Condemn Arrests of Key Egyptian Media Figures

Egypt's Press Syndicate, which features graffiti of late journalists al-Husseini Abu Deif and Mayada Ashraf. Photography by Zeinab Mohamed. Thumbnail: Press Syndicate head, Yahia Qallash.

May 30, 2016—Amnesty International called the recent arrest of Egyptian Press Syndicate members "an alarming setback for freedom of expression." The Syndicate leaders were questioned for nearly 12 hours apropos “sheltering” Badr and al-Saqqa at the Syndicate. The prosecution accused the men of harboring fugitives.

Cabinet of Egypt Approves Bill Governing Media and Press

Photography by Paolo Negri. Thumbnail photography by Russel Davies.

May 16, 2016—Egypt's Minister of Planning and head of the National Committee for Press and Media Legislation, Ashraf al-Araby, announced the Cabinet's approval of a new bill today. The proposed law includes 230 articles that promise to protect and regulate the work of the media.

Egyptian Media Company Buys ONTV from Tycoon Naguib Sawiris

A baby perches ON a TV in honor of this monumental acquisition. Photography by Stephen Roat. Thumbnail: ONTV's official logo.

May 15, 2016—Naguib Sawiris has sold the company that owns television channel ONTV. According to a spokesperson today, the company was bought by one of Ahmed Abu Hashima's enterprises, the Egyptian Media Company.

Social Media Users Protest Detention of Members of a Young Egyptian Satirical Group

Satirist Bassem Youssef posted a selfie on Twitter in support of the Street Children (pictured below Youssef). Thumbnail: the six members in Street Children.

May 12, 2016—A social media campaign of selfies went viral yesterday in response to the recent prosecutorial decision to detain members of the group Street Children for 15 days. These activists and social media users called for the Street Children’s freedom by posting personal selfies with the Arabic hashtag, “Does the phone camera shake/scare you?”

Egyptian President al-Sisi Meets with Intellectuals Amid Rising Concerns over Media Freedom

Drawing by Edward Tennyson Reed. Thumbnail: Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Image from Rafaat Gadelrab.

March 22, 2016—Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi initiated an open dialogue today with prominent intellectual figures, according to a statement from the President’s Office. The meeting, which was attended by approximately twenty invitees, marked the inaugural installment of a series of planned national dialogues among politicians, intellectuals, and media workers.

Egyptian Writer and Journalist Sentenced to Two Years in Prison

Photography by Florian B.

February 20, 2016—Egyptian writer and novelist Ahmed Naji was sentenced to two years in prison on Saturday after publishing "obscene sexual content" from a chapter in his novel, The Guide for Using Life, in a state-owned literary magazine in August 2014.

Leading Egyptian Journalist Mohamed Hassanein Heikal Dies at 92

Mohamed Hassanein Heikal pictured above. Thumbnail from left: Heikal, Hoda Abdel Nasser, and former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser. Photographer unknown, 1966.

February 17, 2016—Prominent Egyptian writer Mohamed Hassanein Heikal passed away today at the age of 92, state television reported.

Whose Cairo is Featured in al-Qahira music video?

February 3, 2016—“One of two Egyptian music idols has just returned from Dubai, the other from Germany, to shoot a video for a duet sung in praise of a Cairo that they cannot actually stand living in,” wrote a young Egyptian dentist in a Facebook post that was shared more than 7,600 times and liked by 26,000 people as of Wednesday.

Egypt's Bassem Youssef to Host Satirical Show on U.S. Politics

Bassem Youssef at the London Conference 2016. Photography adapted from Chatham House. Thumbnail: screen shot from a 2012 talk. Videography by California News Service.

February 3, 2016—American media company Fusion and the office of Bassem Youssef announced on Sunday that the Egyptian heart surgeon turned award-winning television show host will be working with the network.

Egyptian Cartoonist Released Without Charges

February 1, 2016—After questioning this morning, Egyptian prosecutors ordered the release of Islam Gawish the day after his arrest. No charges were filed against him. (Aswat Masriya)

Egyptian Cartoonist Arrested at his Office

January 31, 2016—Egyptian cartoonist Islam Gawish was arrested today while working in the Egypt News Network offices. The official cause for the arrest remains unclear, but a source inside Cairo's Security Directorate has told Aswat Masriya the reason.

Human Rights Organizations and Public Figures Call for Release of Egyptian Writer

Hesham Gaafar. Thumbnail: Hesham Gaafar/Facebook.

January 30, 2016—Dozens of public figures and organizations called for the "immediate release” of writer Hesham Gafaar today, marking the passing of 100 days since his arrest.

Egyptian Prosecutors Look Into Prank on Police

Tahrir Square. Photography by Frank Schulenburg. Thumbnail: Egyptian Policemen. Photography by BanyanTree.

January 26, 2016—Egyptian prosecutors are looking into a complaint filed against an actor and a correspondent for a TV comedy show over a video in which they played a prank on policemen.

Egyptian Parliamentary President Claims that Journalist Ban Resolved

Cairo's Press Syndicate. Photography by Hossam el-Hamalawy. Thumbnail photography by Avi.

January 18, 2016—Ali Abdel Aal said on Monday that a "problem" regarding 12 journalists that were prevented from entering the House of Representatives on Sunday has been resolved and that the reporters were able to proceed with their work.

Egyptian Journalists Convicted of Publishing False Information

January 11, 2016—On Monday, a Cairo misdemeanor court sentenced four journalists to three years in prison each on charges of 'publishing false news' and 'membership in an illegal organization'. The verdict is subject to appeal.

Jail Sentence for Controversial TV Host Reduced to One Year

December 29, 2015—An Egyptian appeals court announced its decision to reduce the jail sentence of controversial religious researcher and television host Islam al-Beheiry today. Convicted in absentia last May for contempt of religion, al-Beheiry had lost an earlier appeal attempt in October.

Egyptian Novelist Ahmed Naji on Trial for 'obscene sexual content'

Ahmed Naji with his novel. (Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi/Facebook)

December 12, 2015—Egyptian writer and journalist Ahmed Naji was brought to court Saturday, where he faces trial for publishing "obscene sexual content" in a literary weekly.

Dec. 8, 2015 - Egypt Ministry of Interior says no gain when publishing prohibited

With a series of recent high profile cases, there has been substantial scrutiny on the Egyptian government’s treatment of journalists. Arab Media & Society speaks with Ashraf Al-Anani, Director of the Security Media Department at the Egyptian Ministry of Interior. (Arab Media & Society)

Journalist and Researcher Ismail Alexandrani interrogated by State Security prosecutors

December 1, 2015—Internationally acclaimed Egyptian researcher and journalist Ismail Alexandrani, an expert on Sinai affairs, is currently being interrogated by state security prosecutors following his arrest on Sunday evening.