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April 9, 2016

Dr. Rasha Abdulla, associate professor in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at the American University in Cairo speaks with us about her work on big data, social media and the Egyptian Revolution. Together with a group of scholars from the University of Amsterdam, Dr. Abdulla conducted big data research using the contents of the “We Are All Khaled Said” Facebook page, named for a young man who was killed in police custody in 2010. The page was a primary hosting platform for organizing the January 25 Revolution. This work resulted in a series of articles covering several disciplines and themes. Dr. Abdulla was lead on an article investigating the role of the page as a venue for lessons in democratic participation.

Access published articles from this project below: 
“Protest leadership in the age of social media” Information, Communication &…nalCode=rics20&

“Data critique and analytical opportunities for very large Facebook Pages: Lessons learned from exploring ‘We are all Khaled Said’” Big Data & Society

“A Page and Its Politics: Situating Kullinā Khālid Saʿīd in Egypt’s Ideological Landscape at the Time of Revolution” Cyber Orient

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